Villows is the creation of American producer, singer & multi-instrumentalist, Vince Tobia.  Vince grew up playing the piano from a young age, and later learned to pluck a guitar. In high-school he was part of several bands in New Jersey's vibrant pop-punk scene.  However, it wasn't until his final year of school that he took up producing music on his laptop.  Fed up with writing punk songs, he set out to create a new sound that relied heavily on synthesizers over guitar.  Writing, playing, and producing every part himself, he was able to release a 6 song EP before heading off to college. 

While attending the University of Delaware, he took a hiatus from creating music, and instead turned to booking shows and DJing parties.  Turning his basement into an unofficial venue, he booked several local and regional acts, opening and closing as the house DJ.  The shows were a huge success, and helped kick off the careers of several artists such as Rakeem Miles and RFA.

After graduating with a degree in computer engineering, Vince found himself in a typical 9-5.  Without the homework, and constant social gatherings of college, it wasn't long until Vince had stumbled back into music.  But after his exposure to EDM in school, he began to delve into a brand new style.  Vince released his first songs as Villows that following summer.  With each subsequent release, honing in further on his sound. 

Villows released 'Careless Island', his 6 song debut EP in 2020, which not only caught the ears of fans, but also several labels and prominent curators.  Since then, the project has picked up an immense amount of momentum, tapping the shoulder of French Label, 'Get The Sound', with his release, 'Dimmest Light' and subsequently, ‘Endless’ & ‘Mirage'.  The chill house producer & self-proclaimed insomniac, continues to develop his ethereal & dreamy vibe with his latest EP, ‘Dreams’.

contact: info@villows.com