Dreams EP

March 17th 2023

I’ve always been a dreamer, fascinated with ‘what ifs’, and mesmerized by my sleeping subconscious. I’ve also always been an insomniac, which led me to create these tracks. When I couldn’t sleep, instead I’d write about the dreams I wish I had.


January 6th 2023

As a child, I always had huge dreams about who I would become, but I feel as you grow and your priorities change, it’s easy to lose sight of those. To me preserving my childhood is not about reaching outlandish goals, but maintaining the drive to always improve and grow.


November 11th 2022

Seeing yourself in a dream is such a strange, and borderline nightmarish experience. It could mean many things, but I like to think it’s your mind telling you to re-evaluate who you’ve been lately.


October 7th 2022

I’ve been obsessed with lucid dreaming for as long as I can remember, and while they are rare, I’m very fortunate to have had several in my lifetime. Amongst the lure of endless possibilities, it’s quite beautiful to choose to spend this time imagining someone special.  It’s really an ultimate act of love, and the true meaning behind this track.


September 2nd 2022

Distant was written as a promise for a better future. Dark & dreamy, yet optimistic, perfect for those late night feels.

Mirage EP

April 8th 2022

Mirage was written about the way we experience different stages of grief. It starts with denial (Blithe), but soon moves to anger and bargaining (Hate it), and eventually reaches depression (Valleys). It’s only after reaching that low point, that we can enter into acceptance (For You / Mountains). Like a trail through nature, each stop provides a new perspective or mirage of what is around us. It’s only when we see through it, that we can overcome what’s holding us back.

For You

September 15th 2021

This song makes me feel like I’m looking out from the top of a mountain. Seeing how small everything is from up above, always seems to bring my life into perspective. I find it’s so easy to get caught up in things that really don’t matter, and I cherish moments of clarity.


November 3rd 2021

While the first single was written about acceptance, Blithe was written about denial. I really love how the contrast between the upbeat instrumentation and the introspective lyrics give the track a natural bittersweet feeling.

Hate It

January 7th 2022

Hate it is the most emotional track I’ve ever written. It’s about losing someone who is so important to you, that you begin to question the person you are without them.